General Conditions of Use and Contracting / ON-LINE PURCHASE CONDITIONS

These General Conditions of Use and Contracting (hereinafter, "the General Conditions") govern the access and use of the website accessible through and its subdomains (hereinafter, "the Web"), that Noches Mediterráneas Music, AIE makes available to Internet users for the information of the shows and the ticket purchase service, constituting the legal framework that develops the contractual relationship. The ticket sales service is expensive, and the price of each ticket is determined at any time on the web. Access to the rest of the information concerned is free, not subject to any payment. In case of not agreeing with the General Conditions, the User must immediately leave the website without using it.
Mediterranean Nights Music AIE reserves the right to modify these Conditions at any time, with immediate effect after its publication on the Web, without prior notice. It is also capable of restructuring, modifying or eliminating any information, service or content included in the Portal, without prior notice. We invite you to check this web page periodically.

If you violate these Terms of Use, Mediterranean Music AIE Nights may terminate your use of the Website, prevent you from using it in the future, cancel your ticket request, and / or initiate the corresponding legal proceedings against you.
For some shows, tickets can be sold as an integral part of a "Pass" (when a ticket is sold for a show together with concessions, promotional items or other valuable services, such as access to a VIP area, transportation, food, Drink or promotional items such as an all-inclusive package at an all-inclusive price, etc.).


The present general conditions of contracting of the service offered by the Noches Mediterráneas Music, AIE are subscribed, on the one hand, by the entity Noches Mediterráneas Music, AIE, and on the other hand, by the CLIENT, whose data entered to make the purchase of tickets, through the form established for that purpose, are those that have been consigned by the same. All the data included in it have been entered directly by the client, so the responsibility for the authenticity thereof corresponds, directly and exclusively, to the CLIENT. To access the portal's ticket purchase service, it is required to fill in all the data not marked as optional requested to make the purchase.
The CLIENT declares that he is of legal age (over 18 years) and has the necessary legal capacity to contract the services offered on the web, in accordance with the general conditions, which he declares to understand and accept.

USE OF THE SERVICE AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Noches Mediterraneas Music, AIE will not be responsible for delays or failures that occur in the access, operation and operation of the web, or in its services and / or contents, as well as interruptions, suspensions or malfunction of the same, when they have their origin in breakdowns caused by natural disasters or situations of force majeure, or extreme urgency, such as strikes, attacks or computer intrusions or any other situation of force majeure or fortuitous cause, as well as errors in telematic networks of data transfer.

PAYMENT. Mediterranean Nights Music, AIE CUSTOMER will be charged for the provision of the service the rates in force at each moment on the website, which will appear the price corresponding to the selection made in which the applicable taxes are included and the distribution costs will be increased, the detailed information of the Total price is provided before accessing the next screen. Once the entry (s) has been selected, the section corresponding to the introduction of the CLIENT's data will be opened and then the payment will be accessed, where the CLIENT will provide the necessary data to make the payment depending on the means of payment chosen. .

All purchases are subject to verification of the means of payment and other security checks are made, and the operation may be canceled if it does not pass our verification process.

Although we try to ensure the accuracy of all prices on our website, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of any item you have ordered, we will let you know as soon as possible, allowing you to choose to adapt your order to the correct price (making a payment or a charge to your account, as the case may be) or canceling your order. If you choose to cancel the order after having paid the incorrect price, you will receive a full refund of the price by us.

The CLIENT will receive, at the e-mail address designated in the registration form, an e-mail confirming the correct completion of the purchase process with the information related to the show or event for which tickets have been purchased, as well as the number of tickets and reserved seats.

RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL. The CUSTOMER must ensure reliably before processing the reservation of the accuracy and adequacy of the data entered, as it is not possible to return the purchased tickets once the purchase is made. Not being able to attend the show or making a mistake when acquiring the tickets are not grounds for their return. Only tickets may be canceled for possible technical or operational incidents, attributable to Mediterranean Music Nights, AIE Mediterranean Music Nights, AIE will not be responsible for any loss or theft of tickets. Notwithstanding the foregoing, when the amount of a purchase has been charged fraudulently or improperly, using the number of a payment card, the owner of the same may request the cancellation of the charge to Noches Mediterráneas Music, AIE provided that the prior filing of a report of these events is proven. The refund of the same will be made by a written claim, which must be accompanied by the documents (complaint) that prove the loss or theft of the card with which the payment was made.


1 The organization is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged tickets or bracelets.
2 Any broken entry amended in poor condition or with evidence of forgery will authorize the organizer to deprive its bearer of entry to the premises.
3 If for reasons of force majeure or other duly justified the show could not be performed, the organization may at its discretion establish a new date for the celebration thereof, so that this entry would be valid, without being able to claim refunds of the amount not be that the new date differed in more than a month from the one that appears at the entrance of the show. In case of definitively suspending the act, the amount of this entry will be refunded within a period of 15 days from the date signaled at the entrance of the show and by the procedure that the organizer considers appropriate.
4 The organization is not responsible for tickets not purchased at official points of sale.
5 The public may be subjected to a search at the entrance to the site in order to prevent the entry of unauthorized objects.

6 It is recommended the use of public transport to attend this show.
7 Admission or payment entitles you to access the event only once each day you have contracted. The organization reserves the right to charge for the re-access to the event during the same day, the day of the event being understood as the period between 16: 00 and 01: 00 the following day.
8 The forgery does not allow you access to the site, the organizer declines all responsibility.
9 The entry or invitation constitutes a license only and exclusively to the holder thereof.
10 The resale of this ticket is not allowed.
11 Adverse weather conditions do not give the right to a refund of the entrance fee.
12 If for reasons beyond the control of the organizer any of the advertised artists suspends their performance prior to the day of the concert, or the same day for justified reasons, the organizer reserves the right to change it or not for another similar artist if there was material time, not returning in no case the amount of the tickets if the show is performed with the rest of the artists.

Access to:
A. Those who manifest violent attitudes and, in particular, those who behave aggressively or provoke altercations, those who carry weapons or objects likely to be used as such and those who wear clothing or symbols that incite violence, racism or xenophobia in the terms provided for in the legislation on the protection of citizen security and in the Penal Code.
B. Those who with their attitude endanger or cause discomfort to other viewers or users.

C. Those who are using drugs or narcotic substances and alcohol or show obvious symptoms of having consumed them.
D. When it is closing time.
E. The holder of this ticket accepts that a registration be made, following the guidelines of the Law of Public Shows and Private Security when accessing the venue. In case of refusal to register, you will be denied entry to the site.
F. All attendants will have to comply with and respect the Right of Admission of the 14 / 2010 Law of the Valencian Community and Public Spectacles.
G. The entry of animals, except guide dogs.
H. Any entry broken or with signs of forgery will authorize the organizer to deprive its bearer of access to the premises.


For any clarification on these general conditions or to make any claim regarding your purchase, the CLIENT has at your disposal the following addresses: Mediterranean Music Nights, AIE, Ronda de Ponen nº50, 07210, Algaida (Balearic Islands), E-Mail :
LANGUAGE. The information and content offered by Noches Mediterráneas Music AIE, through the web are offered in Spanish. Mediterranean Nights Music AIE is not liable for any damages or losses that may be caused to the CLIENT due to the lack of understanding of them.


If any part of these conditions of service is contrary to Law and, therefore, invalid, this will not affect the other provisions in accordance with Law. The parties undertake to renegotiate those parts of the service conditions that will be null and to incorporate them to the rest of the service conditions.

APPLICABLE LAW AND COMPETENT JURISDICTION. The CLIENT submits, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the city of Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

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